Our goal is to make every step in our journey as sustainable as possible through initiatives that support the UN’s Sustainable Development goals. We would like to be honest and say that we are not perfect yet but we are strongly working towards it.


At ResponSEAbility we wish to be conscious all the way and we have aimed to be so from the very beginning. It is important for us that everything we do is done with sustainability and responsibility in mind. Everything from the production to delivering the package to our customers should be in support of the UN’s sustainable development goals and our planet. We know that we are not perfect and that is why we are always seeking new ways to improve and better opportunities. As a brand we can always do better, which is why we would love to hear from you! Please write our project leader Michelle on with improvements and feedback.

Read about the UN’s sustainable development goals here.


It is no secret that we have a special love for the ocean. Our brand is built on that foundation - to help and save our ocean from waste and pollution.

Which is why we have a special focus on goal no. 14 life below water. Our sunglasses are made of plastic collected from the ocean; one pair = 1 kilo removed. That is our main contribution to saving the ocean from plastic pollution. In addition to which our partner, Resea, helps local fishermen by hiring them to collect plastic from the ocean on their fishing trips, giving them better work conditions and living standards than before.

According to the UN, every minute 1 million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide. These might not be directly thrown into the ocean, but they can end up there due to infrastructural deficiencies and weather conditions. It is important that we all try to stop this and look for better alternatives. We are proud to say that our sunglasses frame is made out of plastic from the ocean, primarily single-use plastic bottles.

A positive side effect of using already produced material such as plastic from the ocean and recycled craft paper is that we use less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases during production. This contributes to the UN’s goal no. 13 climate action. Besides this, we wish to contribute further. Which is why we are seeking alternatives ways to deliver our sunglasses and packaging that can be used repeatedly. We have for example made a collaboration with Re-Zip, which is packaging that can be used several times.

This leads us to the UN’s goal no. 12 sustainable consumption and production. At ResponSEAbility we do not wish to create unnecessary consumption or irresponsible production. We only produce small batches at a time to ensure a responsible stock level and production. But we wish to improve within this field and are currently looking into circular strategies that both our customers and the planet will benefit from.