ReSea Project


We aim to include you as much as we can in the different processes during production, which is why we have made this page so you can read more about the plastic collections and our sister company Resea Project.

Resea is all about cleaning our oceans from waste and plastic pollution. Their purpose is to help companies getting more sustainable and help protecting our oceans against pollution. Their goal is to be a part of the change and end to plastic pollution in our oceans. Resea is collecting plastic from the ocean in close collaboration with the local fishers, we then use the plastic to produce our sunglasses.


The plastic that we use for our sunglasses, are primarily collected around Indonesia. Here we have a close collaboration with the firm called Resea, they are responsible for the entire collection process and has a collaboration with the local fishers.

The whole story behind Resea and Responseability goes hand in hand, since Resea were created due to Responseability. As our story tell our founder Christian loves the ocean and could not stop after Responseability. He therefore started Resea, so he could collect more plastic and help save the ocean.


The local fishers that Resea collaborates with are mainly located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here they have around 100 fishers, who already sailed out to fish. However, this job was getting harder and more complicated, due to all the plastic polluting the shores. The consequence of this is that both fish and mussels are scared away, and the fishers must sail even longer in order to catch something. This has unfortunately damaged their business and income. Resea has hired these fishermen to pick of the plastic on their way, to save the ocean and help them back into business. In that way they are secured an income and better working standards. Before they were earning 183 dollars a week, now they earn 500 dollars a week. Resea has also provided them with gloves and other tools, to improve their working standards.

But we would rather let the fishers speak for themselves, so we have borrowed a video from Resea so you can see it for yourself.