The story behind

It all began back in 2018, when our founder Christian was on a vacation in Bali with his family.

They had just arrived after a long flight and all they wanted to do was to take a swim in the ocean and cool off. Unfortunately, it was impossible for them to enter the ocean due to all the plastic laying on the beach as well as in the beginning of the sea. Christian asked the hotel about the unfortunate situation who told him that it was normal and that the first thing they did every morning was to remove trash floating at the shoreline.

The following days the family went on different trips around the island and Christian got to talk to many people about the consequences that plastic pollution has caused. One of the conversations was with a taxi driver, where Christian learned that the driver’s cousin was a fisher in Jakarta who also was experiencing problems with the plastic waste as he was fishing.

Christian got to meet the driver’s cousin, who did not speak a word English and they had to have an interpreter to translate. The fishermen experienced that the mussels and fish were starting to swim away because of the plastic waste. Because of that, they had to sail even further in order to actually catch something.

From there on, Christian started to work on an idea to do something about this issue. He wanted to find a solution that could help remove the plastic and recycle it. Christian then started a company called Ocean Waste Plastic, who collects plastic from the ocean and turns it into new products. The cousin in Jakarta is now an employee at the local firm and the interpreter got hired as the director in Jakarta.

Today there is 100 fishermen under the firm in Jakarta.

So why sunglasses?

Christian wanted to have a product made from ocean plastic, that could be used all year around anywhere in the world by both men and women. Therefore, he came up with the idea to make sunglasses. He slowly started the design and production process, to ensure the quality he wanted. The rest is history.

Responseability came to live and we now have 4 unisex models and 15 different styles in total. Each pair is made out of plastic collected from the ocean, representing 1 kg of plastic removed from the ocean.

Ready to show attitude we need to sea.