From Ocean Waste Plastic to shades

We won’t lie to you – it has been quite a challenge to turn degraded Ocean Waste Plastic into high-quality sunglasses. 

That is why we have been working with the best in the industry, and we are very confident that our sunglasses will turn out pretty great and awesome. Which they have!

We have worked hard on quality testing our sunglasses and has spend a lot of time on redesigning the frames. Ocean plastic is hard to count on and acts different every time we produce a pair of sunglasses, sometimes it won't work with the paint for example. This has resulted in small beauty flaws in some of our frames. It might not be something that you will notice, since it's not eye catching. At Responseability we only think that this makes the sunglasses even more unique and beautiful.

So how did we get here?

A long process short...with our partners we collect plastic from the ocean which is sorted by locals, where it has been collected. The plastic is then transported to a partner facility nearby where it is separated, shredded, rinsed thoroughly and turned into pellets. These pellets are then turned into our premium sunglasses! It sounds easy, but it's not and the whole process takes a good amount of time - but it's all worth it.