World Cleanup Day 2020

On Saturday the 19th September, it is official World Cleanup Day! And this can only mean one thing = We are going to gather a bunch of trash all over the world!

The brands from Sustainable Pop Up Space being; Copenhagen Cartel, Igen and we will be out to collect trash and we hope that you will join us. Due to COVID-19, we encourage you to go out and clean up with your friends and family, as we cannot host an event. We can always be together virtually through stories and posts.


When: The 19th of September, we will especially be active on our channels between 11 am and 16 pm CET.

Where: Everywhere, you decided!

Why: All the plastic, glass pieces, etc. laying around ruining our planet needs to be removed, so we can protect our planet and nature.

If you are participating this Saturday with us, then we would love to see it! So please tag @cphcartel @igendk @sustainablepopupspace @responseabilityowp so we can share it. Also, we would love to see how much you gather so we can include in the big calculation.

How to measure?
👉 1 normal bag (for example a Netto bag) = 3kh
👉 1 big sack = 10kg

If you share the result with us and remembers to tag us, then we will give you a unique discount code to all of the shops depending on how much you have collected. Just take a look below.

reward cleanup day

We hope to see you virtually this Saturday, so we can help our planet altogether.