We know how hard it can be to live a sustainable life and the whole world can be a bit of a jungle, when being new to all of it. So that’s why we have made this little guide to you with tips on how you can have a more sustainable life, without having to make the biggest changes!

We would love to hear you tips as well in the comments below.

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TIP 1 - Start with the smaller things

Take it easy to begin with, making a habit of things can take a while. We recommend switching out your single use items out with more permanent ones like:

  • Invest in a good water bottle, make it a habit to have one in your bag all the time
  • Coffee to go? Bring your own cup
  • Single use plastic bags can easily be swapped with tote bags
  • Freezer bags, tin foil, baking paper etc. can now all be replaced with quality products that can be used several times
  • We all love straws, but please avoid the plastic ones and invest in your own made of steel or glass. Have some in your bag for when your out as well.

TIP 2 - Fashion

We all love fashion and most enjoy shopping every now and then, but let's try to keep it sustainable. Look after some good second hand shops, use social media to find used clothes that people are selling. There are a lot of great options! And if you cannot find what you're looking for, then search for sustainable options. A lot of brands are now offering clothes made of recycled material

TIP 3 - Furniture

A lot of great furniture can be found on flea markets and social media. Before buying new furniture, search for what you're looking for on different sites, usually you can find something similar that is in a good condition and it will save you money as well!

TIP 4 - Recycle

Every now and then we all clean up our closet from old clothes we’re not using anymore. Instead of throwing it all out, try to either sell it or donate it to good causes. If the garment is too worn, a lot of stores now accept old clothes so they can recycle it into new items.

We recommend you to do the same with your Responseability sunglasses!

TIP 5 - Reseach

We know it can seem a bit overwhelming and it can be hard to find out what is right and wrong. It can be a good thing to research a bit on your own and read about sustainability, but there is also a lot of great influencers and blogs out there that can help you. These are some of our favorite ones:

And so many more…

These are just a few tips for inspiration and to get you starter. We know that there is a lot more that can be done.